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The Cost of Accidents:   

The HSE has published a report "The Cost of Accidents at Work"(HSG 96). Incidents considered by the employers to be preventable were estimated to cost, e.g:- 

·        37% of annualised profits for a transport company.

·        8½% of the tender price for a construction site.

·        5% of running costs for a hospital. 

For every £1 of recoverable insured costs, employers in the studies were faced with between £8 and £36 of uninsured costs.

An effective health and safety regime/culture will discharge the moral obligation of duty holders, provide a cost benefit to employers and ensure compliance with relevant statutory provisions.

Duty to Employees and Others:

All employers have a duty towards their employees and others. Legislation requires that 'every employer appoints one or more "Competent Persons" to assist them with statutory provisions'. Recent court judgements have clarified the requirements for duty holders - information is available on request. 

IOSH Warning of Inadequate Training of Health and Safety Advisors - article: 

Courts are taking an increasingly dim view of employers who appoint health  and safety advisors with minimal qualifications and experience, warns the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).  The warning comes after supermarket giant Sainsbury was fined a record  £425,000. 00 for offences relating to the death of a worker who was crushed by a forklift truck

The court found Sainsbury's guilty of several breaches of the Health and Safety Act, including the failure to appoint a health and safety adviser competent to advise on forklift trucks.

IOSH chief executive, John Barrell explained: 

The Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992 states that health and safety advisers must have 'sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities' to carry out their duties. 

"This was a unit which employed around 700 people and which was using 46 reach trucks at the time of the accident, but the person appointed possessed only a National Examination Board in Occupational Health and Safety (NEBOSH) certificate."   IOSH does not recognise the NEBOSH certificate as sufficient qualification  for people employed in a primary health and safety role, and no longer offers associate membership to the institution to those holding the certificate. A new membership grade - Technician Safety Practitioner (TechSP) was introduced last year which places more emphasis on experience.

"It is quite clear that" said Barrell "this was a high risk area and that proper advice should have been available from a more senior practitioner, such as an IOSH corporate member with Registered Safety Practitioner status" 

(This above article appeared in the March 1999 edition of Welsh Industry and Commerce and has been reproduced with the kind permission of IOSH and the publishers) 

Cost of Our Service: 

Wherever possible, fees are agreed on a fixed price, lump sum basis. Hence clients are not “surprised" at final costs.  Hourly rates are agreed before undertaking any work on a time charge basis. 

Comparisons should only be made with other  consultants who provide a HANDS-ON service by a Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner.